Glue Brush
Do you love making handmade books? If so, you need a glue brush! A glue brush is a simple tool that helps you apply the adhesive evenly to the spine of your book. This ensures that your book stays together and looks great! In this blog post, we will discuss the features of a good glue brush and recommend some of our favorites.

How to choose a glue brush

When choosing a glue brush, you'll want to consider the size and shape of the brush head. A good glue brush should have a wide, flat head that makes it easy to apply the adhesive evenly. You'll also want to choose a brush with soft bristles, which will help you avoid streaks or clumps of glue.

Where to get a glue brush

If you're looking for a quality glue brush, we recommend checking out the brushes from They offer several different sizes and shapes of glue brushes, all with soft bristles that will help you achieve great results. Plus, their prices are very reasonable! So if you're ready to start hand-crafting beautiful books, be sure to pick up a good glue brush! It will make the process much easier and ensure that your books look great. Thanks for reading!